Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Services

Search engine marketing (SEM) goes over and beyond the SEO. What do these two mean? Well, it’s simple.

While SEO only focuses on getting better rankings in the search results, SEM focuses on directing more traffic to the site through other means also like say for example Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising.

Whether you choose SEM or SEO is pretty much dependent on your outreach needs as well as the finances you are willing to mobilize for the same.

Whichever you choose, rest assured that we, at Brand Turtle, offer you the best possible services at the most reasonable prices.


SEM Services For Business Website

Pay per click

PPC will generate heaps of traffic in very little time however at a pricey price. PPC permits you to own the versatile monetary budget as a result of you merely purchase your purpose of posting the advertising is consummated that is to achieve the client directly.

Pay per read

PPV price potency is that the initial objective for any new business however pay per read provides far better approach

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